About YOUnite

Now, more than ever before, computing power is being added to smaller, more common devices. Inexpensive and ubiquitous networking media technologies are here, or are close to realization. The price drops in networking and computing power of recent years are considerable.

Data drives the digital world and there is a massive problem to be solved with keeping it accurate and controlling access to it. YOUnite was founded to not only address, but also surpass, the increased expectations of data privacy, management and control. YOUnite addresses and solves these problems with the introduction of YOUnite -- a patented federated master data management platform that is a flexible, highly secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution. YOUnite technology ensures data is available, accurate and consistent across all environments. In addition, the YOUnite technology provides privacy of content through the notion of selective fine-grained sharing. YOUnite technology presents a revolutionary, patented means to securely distribute data as soon as it is updated.

YOUnite is developing a new Master Data Management platform that will allow businesses and organizations to create global, distributed information exchanges. Using the YOUnite APIs, developers can create applications that will propagate information between multiple devices/clients, users and organizations without requiring data to be stored in a central repository. Users, businesses and organizations can choose where they want their data stored, with which they want to share it and what they want to share down to the attribute level.

YOUnite will transform how we look at our data as radically as eBay has changed the way we think about buying goods and services, and as profoundly as Google has for finding information on the internet. It is a solution that radically reinvents the notion of information management.


YOUnite was formed in November 2006 for the purposes of developing the patented YOUnite Enterprise technology. YOUnite is located in San Mateo, CA. YOUnite is a Delaware ā€œCā€ corporation.