At YOUnite’s core is the YOUnite MDM Web Service which is the collection of web micro-services.

YOUnite has developed a patented and flexible platform that allows developers to create secure, data domains, master data records and adapters to enable an organization to securely collect and distribute data on a user-controlled and customizable basis without having to store that data on a centralized server.

This distributed permission based attribute sharing system is a web serviced called the YOUnite MDM . YOUnite can host an MDM system or the MDM technology can be licensed and deployed by customers within their own data centers. The system allows an organization to establish a multitude of applications to connect and share attributes based on the permission settings set by the organization and/or the owner of the information.

Servers, services, devices and clients connect to YOUnite MDM by consuming YOUnite RESTful API, allowing virtually any device or service that supports HTTP being able to connect to it.


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